I anticipate more posts from you. 

We all love it, otherwise it's unlikely you'd be here. Talk about the show and the fanbase surrounding it. Brony music discussions encouraged.

I anticipate more posts from you. 

Postby cokicool » 27 Jul 2022 07:27

Dressing like a lady is all about choosing clothing that's appropriate and that you feel great wearing. For the most ladylike outfits, pick out clothes in neutral tones and get your clothing tailored so that it fits you well. Avoid exposing too much skin by selecting skirts and dresses of an appropriate length, and use accessories to your advantage.
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Re: I anticipate more posts from you. 

Postby MixMastaCopyCat » 01 Aug 2022 01:03

"You need to make sure you dress like a lady correctly, like for example by wearing the correct length skirt. Anyways, here's some prostitutes"
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