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Okay, in order to start this, I need to point one thing out.

This isn't creepy pasta, it's not meant to be tooken' as creepy pasta, I'm typing this way because if there is anyone else like me... who like creepypasta? Then hopefully this writing style would at peak their interest enough to hopefully read it, so that at least I feel like I'm not completely alone in this.

I guess just need some kind of place where even one other person can see this..



I'll start from the beginning... or at least I'm pretty sure it's the beginning, now that I think of it these "thought's" of mine might have actually just been floating around in my subconscious forever, and only recently decided to make Themselves known.

Laying dormant I guess? I'm not sure.

So... Instead, I guess I'll start by pointing two thing's out about myself;

One - I take adderall, a psychostimulant drug designed to... as I was told, "help" that part of your brain that's easily distracted.

And two - I am not the most... easily spooked person.. out there. I find it hard to be scared of... "normal phobias" like spider's, Height's, snake's, death, ect. Sure I can be startled but other than that, there isn't too much out... anywhere that scare's me. I'm not really sure why.

That being said, I am scared now. Not like "Oh no! I'm gonna die if that thing get's me!" scared...

I'm scared of the alternative... if that "thing" were to catch me... I scared of what it would do to me that would make me openly embrace the cold hand's of death as a way to escape the torture that it would have in store for me...

I... Don't know what it is that I'm scared of...


Originally, I attended therapy for a string of recurring nightmare's that I was having. Nightmare's, obviously not being that big of a deal in itself no, but these nightmare's had an odd effect on my mental and physical state as a whole. I ate less, became frantic and fidgety, would often wake up in cold sweat's, started having panic attack's, and at the time, began to, more and more frequently, stay awake for day's without sleeping, even when I was completely exhausted, my body would refuse itself rest, because whatever was happening in my head was apparently getting worse as time went on.

As for the nightmare's themselves, While I can never recall any specific event's, locations, or people in any of them, they all always seem to have two very vivid, seemingly obscure, detail's that would always remain in my mind even hours after I woke up.

The first detail, was a group. Of what, I can't really say. I just remember that there WAS a group. I can't remember what they did, or if they moved, or talked. Hell, I can't even usually remember what they're purpose was in the dream was to begin with. In fact, the only action that seemed to always be clear enough to remember, was the fact that they're all standing over something... like a bundle of something. Every time, they just stand there.

The Second; was "SKIN", what about skin? I'm not exactly sure, I just knew it was there. It was always there.


Anyway, I think it was the second session with the therapist that I told him about my dream's. He didn't really seem too enthralled with it if I remember correctly, I don't really blame him. A teenager attending therapy for something most children get over by the time their six? Probably wouldn't be the highlight of my day either.

In fact... he didn't really seem to care about anything I had to say, up until the point when I told him about the two most common detail's about them. I guess he found something to work with finally and went on to explain to me that these dream's could have possibly have been brought on by some repressed childhood memory, or possibly by some unconscious phobia... or something like that. I don't really remember the full conversation.

I do, however, remember him saying something about how, quote, "Maybe your dream's could be about the thought of skin because you feel like you don't like your own skin? Maybe you feel like there is something wrong with you and you would like to be some one else?" I just agreed and said that it was a possibility.

And that's all I remember from that whole section really, until near the end of it, he suggested that I keep a dream journal, in hope's that it would help me be able to find other pattern's and similarities with the all of the nightmare's. That maybe with more detail's I could shed more light on the metaphorical picture my subconscious was making.

I said that I would start, and he handed me a blue spiral notebook. Nothing special.

He said that I should write in it as soon as I was woken up by any nightmare again, so that the memory of it would still be fresh in my mind. I told him I would and left.


Over the next three day's I wrote down every small detail I could remember, and... well? It honestly wasn't much. I could never remember anything fully detailed, it was something small, like "House" or "The People were watching-" or "The skin"... at the time, I might have felt a little uneasy about it, but I didn't see any sure fire reason to call up an exorcism on myself anytime soon.

I wasn't getting nowhere any time soon and that stupid journal wasn't helping anything.

Until "Day 4".

The details I wrote down were still shitty, even by my standard's, but something was
definitively different about this day compared to the other three... I woke up startled throughout all the nightmare's, but day four's page, look's like I pressed down with the pen really fucking hard, all the writing is frantic and well... everywhere.

NOTE that all I did was copy what I "Chicken Scratched" into that notebook onto my laptop. Grammar mistake's, Misspelling's, all of it.

Anything I currently write will be in blue.

I don't remember the exact time of this journal post other than the fact that it was really early in the morning. Like, 3 a.m. early, and I guess I was apparently really scared.


DAY FOUR *Time Unknown*

"I seen wat they are. I seean what they are. I seen them and the saw me they eyes black. no BLAck and not black.. hollow, but somthing was there in them. it was like a baby like a baby fetus"

It's blank for like half the page here. I guess I went off to... somewhere... but then it continue's. clearly more legible, But still badly written.

"there eyes are not black... deep hollow abysal the baby thing.. was orangish

it had limbs lots of limbs too many limbs

I was in some kind of room. I could see thing's cant remember what though

SKIN again skin, but more clear it needs skin?

I stIll saw the thing in themidd le

I sw the thing's faces

mouth there was a mouth I c-

Nose like a snout, like cow skull

somthing stretched over its faces

something on the stomach, couldnt see

it sawme.... it looked directly at me and screamed and ran towards me..

sounded like a dog crying in pain, they all ran at me.. all screaming and howling

they ran like.... large birds.. not running but bounding

one grabbed me with it's sharp claws and ripped the skin I started too bleed

it hurt badly, but i couldnt wake up!

I looked at its claws... and it didnt have claws it had metal.. peices

metal pieces, rusty nails, jagged bits all jammed into bloody fingerless hands

everything was so clear..

I saw tendons sliced and bone shattered... dripping marrow... i saw

oh god i saw

then one looked at me.

it smiled, THE TEETH, some kind of... chicken bones or somthing for teeth began to black out

he smiled and said something... then bit down on my shoulder

an i felt pain

I felt real excruciating, physical pain

then blacked out."

Then it just end's there. I can't say that I actually remember this night for some reason, or the dream for that matter. But it get's worse.. I'll update soon..
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Postby Nine Volt » 04 Dec 2012 16:08

I want to do this now :3
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