Balloon Party 5: Afterparty!

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Balloon Party 5: Afterparty!

Postby ClemFromBP5 » 05 Jun 2022 14:34

okay everyone, meant to announce this at the beginning of the week but life got in the way a little!

Everfree Park: After Hours

When Fluttershy's tour comes to an end, and the sun starts to set, the creatures of the Everfree (and anyone adventurous enough to wander in after dark) get up to their own fun. Unlike the primary album, the concept for the afterparty is very loose, make a song that the creatures and nightlife enjoyers of the Everfree forest can party to late into the night! Just about any genre, any style, just make sure to have fun with it!

You can submit to both the main album and the afterparty, the afterparty is still following the SFW guidelines of the main album, so keep it PG, PG-13 at the most. Please no harsh noise wall, shitpost tracks, troll material, you get the idea. Make sure you're having the kind of fun everyone can enjoy.

Tentative deadline for afterparty jams is gonna be July 28th, one month after the main album's deadline. I'll create a new section in the Discord (hop on in if you haven't already!) for the afterparty soon, stay tuned for further announcements.
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