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Forum Rules

Postby Stars In Autumn » 27 Dec 2012 19:08

If you are new here, or just unclear if something you are about to post is allowed on these forums, check this topic.

Admins and mods have the right to delete/edit/move any content they deem necessary. Breaking rules multiple times will result in your account being banned and a potential IP ban.

Forum Rules
  • Keep things on topic and don’t spam. This isn’t a strict rule, a little deviation is normal, but completely derailing a topic or posting a bunch of irrelevant stuff is annoying and your post will get deleted.
  • Post topics in their correct forum.
  • No page stretching. Don’t post super large images and stretch a page out. Image sites like imgur can resize images for you. Or just post a hyperlink.
  • No illegal file sharing. This includes software, music, ebooks, and any other material that is copyrighted. Any illegal file sharing on this forum will result in a permanent ban of your account.
  • Do not post links to phishing sites.
  • Do not openly flame or argue with other users or mods.
  • We have text and image size limits in place for signatures, but please do not post overly obnoxious gifs or offensive material.
  • No pornography, r34, or clopping material is to be posted or linked. Sketchbook topics with nudity need a warning.
  • Overly violent/grimdark materials must have a warning before posting.
  • Albums featuring grimdark material will be evaluated on a case by case scenario.

FYI we have a new rule for events:
If you want to do a parody album of an existing project we expect you to get permission from the original creator or organizer of that event. If they authorize it then that's great. We're not going to allow events that troll something done seriously before if that organizer doesn't want it. If you want to organize it outside of mlr then go for it, but don't do it here.

If you find a topic or post that is breaking one of these rules, click on the exclamation point on the bottom right of the post and fill out a report. A mod or admin will then investigate the marked post and take appropriate action.

If you need to contact any mods/admins, a list of them can be found here.

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Re: Forum Rules

Postby Makkon » 23 Apr 2013 10:47

An added rule so there are no misunderstandings, borrowed from because they said it best.

Don't Be A Dick

Being a dick will make people think you are a dick. Being a dick may get you cautioned. It may get you suspended. You might get banned for being a dick.

Some simple guidelines to prevent you being a dick:
-Be courteous, polite and show respect to others. Use of the forums is a privilege, not a right.
-Engage your brain before your mouth. You are responsible for your own words and any harm they may cause.
-Don't post irrelevant nonsense in any of the non-General Discussion forums
-Critiques and responses to music are to be constructive and related to improving the quality of the work. Our members love to see others improve and succeed. Always keep this in mind when posting.
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