Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Conduit » 11 Oct 2013 18:43

Updated finally, not that anyone see's this now that it's stickied here.

DAW: Logic 9
Vst's: Absynth, Battery, FM8, Guitar Rig, Kontakt, Massive, Maschine
Real Instruments: Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Cello, Piano

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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby CitricAcid » 11 Oct 2013 19:51

Citric Acid

DAW: Cubase (also Finale, though that isn't a DAW)
Genres: Film music, anything involving an orchestra or instruments found in the orchestra
Strengths: Orchestration, scoring for film, music theory, music analysis
Weaknesses: Mixing/mastering (ugh), sound design
Time Zone: EST
Skype: CitricAcidMusic
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby SticktheFigure » 02 Dec 2013 14:30

Genres: Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, Piano piano, helpme
Strengths:Music theory, Did you catch that I play the piano?
So-so: Fleshing out what is usually a hook or micro-song. Mixing. Keeping focused. Moderate level synth design.
Weaknesses:Complex sound design/synthesis. Identifying or picking a genre.
DAW:FL Studio 10
Timezone: GMT -5:00
Contact me: PM, skype (sora_1_2), email ([email protected])
Spoiler woof:
Jokeblue wrote:the avatar of one of the guys who donated pretty much sums up how this is going
Keyboard: Yamaha Sy22 DAW: FLStudio 10 VST: Massive, Zeta+ 2
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Thunder Dash » 15 Mar 2014 23:18

Genres: Rock, Jazz, Electronic, Classical, Latin, World, Ambience, Experimental, Fusion
Strengths: Easy Composition Ideas, Perfect Pitch, transpose on the fly, on-the-fly improv, 15 years of music theory/piano, can hear ideas in head
Weaknesses: mastering
DAW: Finale 2012, Finale Printmusic 2011
Contact: [email protected](email) Twitter: ThunderDash25
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Injustrial » 31 Mar 2014 04:35

Genres: Industrial and Aggrotech
Strengths: Sharp Leads for melodies, Thick Basses for carry, Harsh Vocals and Demonic Screams
Weaknesses: Mixing, especially EQ'ing different parts to fit with others
DAW: FL Studio 10 (Because screw 11)
Contact: Injustrial(at)gmail(dot)com / https://www.facebook.com/Injustrialmusic
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Audio Stratus » 20 Apr 2014 19:12

Genres: All EDM, Dubstep, Techno, I'm trying DnB, House, Trance, Hardstyle (I used to I'm rusty on that one), Jumpstyle (maybe), Experimental.
Strengths: I don't really know. I'm good at making old style techno melodies or trance sounding melodies. I can make sounds fairly well in Sylenth.
Weaknesses: Mastering (Maybe), Making Sharp, Clean Sounds. Song instrument structuring.
DAW: FL Studio 11
Contact: Skype; xxsmokeyashesxx
VSTs: NI Massive, Sylenth 1, Nexus, 3xOsc (Lol :P)
Link: For an Idea of my skill and weaknesses (I'm not good :l) go here; https://www.youtube.com/user/SmokeyAshesMusic
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Audio Stratus
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby iDeltaVelocity » 22 Apr 2014 22:43


DAW: FL Studio 11
Genre: Mostly Progressive House, attempting to try old school Chicago House and Dubstep
Strengths: I'm good at coming up with a melody that fits the mood of what I'm trying to create, which usually takes a brighter tone, and I can make sounds in Sylenth1
Weaknesses: Making lyrics which is something I've never done before, it'll take me a while before I can add onto the main part of the song, Massive is a difficult thing to learn
Contact: Skype (Brony1Delta), here, or PM on Youtube
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Seven Ponies » 23 Apr 2014 02:12

Genres: Chillstep, Dubstep, and maybe some house
Strengths: Taming hypersaws and making catchy melodies
Weaknesses: Mastering and mixing the sub-bass, I'm just trying to learn how to...
DAW: Fl studio 11 (I personally like 10 better but yeah....collabs forced me to upgrade ^^)
Contacts/Links: Skype: (Seven Pwnys)
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/sevenponies
SC: https://soundcloud.com/sevenponies
Gmail: [email protected]
VSTs: Sylenth1, sytrus, harmor, nexus, izotope ozone 5
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Seven Ponies
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Feral FurE » 11 Jul 2014 23:37


Feral FurE
Genres: Hardstyle (most prominent, most active, best at), can do other genres in EDM but hardstyle is most adept.
Strengths: EVERYTHING hardstyle related. Figuring out how to do things (make kicks, synth patches, and make them sound good!) through technical, trial and error, and off-the-beaten-path ways. Automation. Finding reasonable substitutes for something that cannot be done. Mastering!!! Mixing.
Weaknesses: Talks a lot. A LOT. Is in college and will not have much time once school starts up again. Disgustingly low bandwidth.
DAW: FL Studio 11, Audacity, Studio One (Don't use but can learn!)
VST': All FL Studio native synths. Use GMS, Wasp XT, Wasp, Toxic Biohazard, Harmless, Sytrus, and Sylenth1 a lot. Also have Ohmforce's Ohmicide.

Contacts/links: Skype: Feral FurE (The green wolf licking the wall)
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC46DkM ... tuFEubuC8g
Soundcloud: Feral FurE
Gmail: [email protected]
Timezone: GMT -6 (Central US Time)
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Toothpaste » 12 Jul 2014 00:27

lel Who's a silly pone? I'm a silly pone~!

Genres: Whatever genre my noise just so happens to fall under.
Strengths: Doing things that you would otherwise think is completely insane.
Weaknesses: Anything related to producing good music.
DAW: FL Studio Mobile. That's right, MOBILE. DON'T JUDGE ME! >.< (I also have GarageBand Mobile, but let's not bother with that XP)
Contacts/Links: Pffft! Read the description~ XP (signature, I meant to say signature >.>)
VSTs: Things that make good noise. But some make bad noise, which are most likely my custom instruments.
Minty Fresh Productions!:
Toothpaste / PinkE_PartE / 18 Offence / Meyer / Thy60
Check out my 'music' on YouTube and feel free to add me on Skype! --> thy.60
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Docinterlude » 12 Jul 2014 05:23

Genres - Orchestral, Choir SATB, Ambient, Piano Solo, Jazz ensemble, Blues
Strengths - Pretty much music theory and good sounding VST's
Weaknesses - Fake synthed instruments, horrible sounds that try to mimic real instruments.
DAW - I use scoring so I'd say Sibelius 7. Sometimes I use reaper too.
Skype - docinterlude.castro
Timezone - London's time
I am composing a few songs:

Deep Emotions: Piano, Bass Clarinet and Trumpet in Bb. (Started)
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Re: Tutors (Ask Around Here Before Posting Questions)

Postby Kawaii » 29 Jan 2015 10:27

Genres - Bass music. Neurofunk/hop, Future, Bubblegum, really heavy and happy uplifting type stuff. I also make deathcore and pop-punk along with some black orchestral stuff.
Strengths - Drum design and Mixing, Mixing in general, Some mastering, and synth/sound creation. Arps and melodies and pianos oh my.
Weaknesses - Continuity, Layout, Build-ups, Intros.
DAW - FL Studio 11 Ult. and eventually Pro Tools
VST - Massive, Serum, Kontakt, Guitar Rig, Orange Tree Acoustic Guitar, LPCClean, Shreddage 2, A lot of mastering stuff, most Brainworx, whatever I find worth buying.
Skype - OmegaGenre, on SC as KawaiiRealLife, Future Best Friend, or countless others. Message them all and I'll reply more likely than just one, I rarely sign in to skype or switch accounts tbh.
Timezone - I seriously don't know.
NOTE: Not to sound like a jerk, but 16 years old and SERIOUS about music (but still able to joke m808) is about the lowest I'll go for musical stuff. I know, that's messed up, but I have a very low patience for immature people. And people with high voices just annoy me, I go by several names too and make pretty much anything musical.
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