That's our prediction of the FIFA 23 ToTW

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That's our prediction of the FIFA 23 ToTW

Postby anqilan456 » 22 Mar 2023 21:30

Manchester City didn't let off the brakes this game week FIFA 23 coins, taking 4-1 winners over Southampton. Erling Haaland could only score once in the game and fell short of the high standards he has is currently setting. A brave performance from Dortmund has seen them rebound from 2-0 down in the match against Bundesliga winning team Bayern Munich, with two players who are particularly worth an inclusion on the Team Of The Week. Here's our prediction for the starting line-up for the FIFA 23 TOTW 4.

That's our prediction of the FIFA 23 ToTW starting XI. With Foden having missed last week's game so it's fitting that he be featured this time around considering his recent run of good form. If Schlotterbeck manages to get with a unique card, it would mean his OTW gets the upgrade too. If you're in search of an easy solution to obtain extra cards, we've got solutions to all of the Advanced, Around The World and Puzzle Master SBCs All of which reward you with rare packs on success.

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