There are numerous new players joining Dark and Darker

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There are numerous new players joining Dark and Darker

Postby MeadeDorian » 28 Feb 2023 02:01

Today, there are more rarities of Ancient Scrolls, as some players have reported seeing green, blue, and even purple variants Dark And Darker Gold. Unfortunately, these are in reality worthless and it's unclear whether they are worth more than the basic "flawed" edition does.

To conclude we can do a piece of theorizing. In the game, The Ancient Scroll is one of the only objects in the game to possess such a distinctive appearance but with no function It's obvious that the developers of the game may be planning to give it a function at some point. With that in mind, what is the purpose this item could ultimately serve? Well, based on the footage shown of the game's early stages, here are some examples of what the community seems to think the Ancient Scroll is eventually going to be used for:

Use only one time the spell, so that non-magic classes can utilize magic in a pinch or Wizards are able to cast an additional spell they didn't already have equipped. You can accumulate some experience for quicker advancement. Serve as an item in an event in the future they have set up to be exchanged to the currency of the event. Have use as a material that is used in a crafting technique. Play a role in activating some game function, such as summoning a boss in the event of using it in a specific area, or opening a doorway from the past which would otherwise be closed.

In just the first few hours following the release of the playtest the number of players peaked at over 100k, which is just mind-blowing even for an early alpha. It also indicates that there are numerous new players joining Dark and Darker in the coming days, and we'll go over some strategies that can enable players to bridge the gap between them as well as those who have played in earlier alphas as fast as is possible.

Like in games from the past, crouch-jumping is again. It's apparent that the majority of games in recent games has an angle that, when pressed in the air, allows players to get some extra height for their jump buy Dark And Darker Gold. In Dark and Darker, this is how veterans climb onto objects to confuse NPC AI, leap over things to avoid or approach enemies quickly, or jump that they wouldn't have made.
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