[Orchestral][Written lyrics] Tardy!/Always On Time

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[Orchestral][Written lyrics] Tardy!/Always On Time

Postby Armystuntman » 31 Dec 2018 20:34

Why make a song about an episode from 2011? Because I originally wrote this song in 2012 based on Lesson Zero, BUT I re-made it recently. Anyway it's an orchestral song and I'm pretty happy with how it came. It has lyrics but I'm not good at writing lyrics so they're pretty childish. Also, no singer.

The song is about tardy Twilight snapping in the episode and instead comes up with an insane plan to trap her friends in a machine that forces them to dream, and Twilight is able to manipulate their dreams to be able to construe situations where she can create friendship problems and conflicts constantly to have a never-ending amount of friendship reports to make, and thus, never be tardy again. Kind of a creep-fic idea made into song, but meh.
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