Ponies That Yawn: Winter Wrappers [Due March 26th, 2017]

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Ponies That Yawn: Winter Wrappers [Due March 26th, 2017]

Postby Dreamland200 » 24 Feb 2017 15:10

Hello you guys. Ponies that Yawn is announcing another compilation album for PTY: Winter Wrappers! It's a long story to why we're announcing another album so soon but a few have been wondering about this one in general.

This album's theme is "Winter Wrap Up" obviously. But here's some ground rules on this one.

NO REMIXES OF WINTER WRAP UP. It's overrated. But sampling of the song of any kind is fine.
Songs doesn't have to be strictly pony, but it's recommended, not mandatory.
Any kind of music is accepted, except for power electronics or harsh noise.
Songs need to be musical. Don't throw in samples and say it's a track. (Melody, BPM, and/or Percussion is required)
No extreme content (this includes racism, sexism, hate speeches, rape, misogyny or anything that could get us in trouble.)
No excessive swearing, please keep it mild.
You're allowed to submit as many songs as you want, but only two will be allowed on the finalized album. (Collabs count as a new artist)
Don't worry if your track's one or two days late, we'll still accept songs submitted one to two days past the deadline.

SUBMIT SONGS HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/9DEnaANOTXTfpSAC2

These tracks must be submitted by March 26th, 2017.
Album Release: March 29, 2017

Let's give it your best yawn and wrap up winter!
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