One month album challenge?

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One month album challenge?

Postby Feedback » 01 Jun 2014 17:02

So this is something that another music forum I'm on did a few times a few years ago. Essentially, it's a challenge where, as the name suggests, the participants are supposed to make an album in the space of one month. I entered in a few of them while they still did them there, and they were always a blast, so I figured I'd throw the idea out here to gauge some interest!

Rules from the last one I did to help give an idea of what's involved:

Your album:

- Must be done in the timeframe of one month

- Try to minimize on old material as much as possible, the point is to push yourself to be creative

- Vocals are optional on your recording, you don't have to sing if you don't want to

- You may have other people on your songs, but make sure the song is still mostly by you.

- Maximum of 1 cover

- Minimum of total length of album is 15 minutes

- Minimum number of songs is 3

- Any genre(s) you want, however, it must be somewhat musically coherent

- Don't stress too much over quality, just do the best you can with what's available to you

I will do my best to update the OP and add in anyone interested in participating, so if you are interested, just leave a comment and I'll put your name down.

Feel free to post any of your work as you complete it. Useful, free services for posting music are Soundcloud and Bandcamp, or you could even post the music on your forum profile.

The average member of that forum was either in high school or college, so summer or winter break was usually when it was. Not sure if the same demographic falls into play here, but putting it in July would give plenty of time to get ready, and for a lot of people have them on break.

One note I want to make for a lot of people who're probably apprehensive that they wouldn't be able to get it done in time, there's nothing wrong with falling short; 43 people entered into the last one that forum did, and only four people actually finished their album. If you finish, that's awesome! But if you don't, that's awesome too! It's not as much about finishing as it is about learning to write and record original music in a short timeframe and get to experience making an album. I entered four of them, and only ever finished two, but all four of them were a blast, and great learning experiences, not to mention being the thing that kicked me off in recording!

Wanted to gauge interest to see if anyone would be interested in doing something like this on MLR, and was told that this would be a good place to try that.

So, anyone interested? :grin:
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby CaptainFluffatun » 01 Jun 2014 17:54

I did a one-week album challenge for Toastbeard once. I mean, I was bad at music then, but it turned out okay. If I were given a month I'd slack off too much. I'd be down to try a week-long challenge with someone else some week this summer.
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby ExoBassTix » 01 Jun 2014 22:47

I don't know what you mean with "somewhat musically coherent," but this all sounds interesting, though I echo Fluffa's statement: I'd slack off if granted one month.

This would be a real good way to challenge myself though, however much reasons I could come up with that this is not gonna work for me.
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby Alycs » 02 Jun 2014 08:31

Honestly I feel like it might be fun but I generally spend a lot of time trying to get just one song to sound perfect. Trying to create an entire album in a month might be fun and good practice for composition and sound design, but I feel it would be pretty difficult getting anything polished done in the that time
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby Feedback » 02 Jun 2014 13:17

Hmm...alright, maybe a two week challenge then? I feel like stripping it down to one week would be almost too little time, and we'd probably get like two albums that are barely above the requirements.

And Alycs, that's part of the point! :razz: I have literally spent months upon months, and even years, procrastinating on songs because I was unwilling to accept anything even slightly different than what was in my head. The chase of perfection is good, but only when it's controlled, and this helped me a lot in being able to post things without nitpicking them to death.
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby Belgerum » 04 Jul 2014 01:39

Would definitely be interested in an event like this, whether it winds up being two weeks or a month. I've seen worse challenges, like one that made me compose a piece in 1 hour.

(In fact, I might even be interested in helping to organize such a thing...)
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby LFP » 04 Jul 2014 03:42

Belgerum wrote:Would definitely be interested in an event like this, whether it winds up being two weeks or a month. I've seen worse challenges, like one that made me compose a piece in 1 hour.

30 minute challenges! :D
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby Freewave » 04 Jul 2014 08:44

I've made some lo-fi albums in under a month in the long past but I'm not sure how good an idea this is. TBH many people take a month to get a track to come out well and you're talking about an entire album. Most of the time its just a collection of wips and experimental ideas thrown together and easily discarded by the listener. I think its important to consider quality and the enjoyment of an audience before pumping something out in a months time.

I see this thread is a full month old and yet not sure how many people at all are really taking part. I'd appreciate a status update soon on how many participants there are as we need to cut out a lot of the clutter of dead events that are going nowhere on mlr. :geek: :???:
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Re: One month album challenge?

Postby Bronies Are Cool » 17 Aug 2014 22:54

I know this is kind of a necro but....

Is this going on or was it killed?

I doubt I would actually participate because I have currently been spending about a month and a half or so on a single album. And it's not even close to done.
But I so want to see somethings that have been made in under a month.
Or something someone made in only 1 hour or 30 minutes. That might be interesting to hear
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