Seeking musicans for Amity Affliction instrumental cover

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Seeking musicans for Amity Affliction instrumental cover

Postby Rainboom » 17 Nov 2013 23:30

Hey everypony!

So I reciently re-discovered this awesome band called The Amity Affliction and for my upcoming experimental metal/rap LP, for a bonus track, I really wanna do a vocal cover of their song "Chasing Ghosts" (hear it below)

But Google has failed me for the last time...and there are no instrumental covers of it ANYWHERE. looking for anyone willing to compose a full instrumental cover of this song with full credits of course. It doesn't even have to be with real instruments. I'm just looking for something that works.

I'm just a vocalist...but here's the guitar tabs if you need them...its all giberish to me. XD

Need a good isolated drum track?

I won't need this til probably April or May of next year all means take your time...but I just ask that you keep me informed on how its coming every now and then.

Thanks ahead of time for your hard work!
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