Seeking female soprano to sing as the Changling Queen.

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Seeking female soprano to sing as the Changling Queen.

Postby Armystuntman » 30 Aug 2013 19:09

(Referring to this song. --> viewtopic.php?f=9&t=8672 ))
Basically I need a female singer who can hit high notes and sing more or less like those opera ladies.
(Sorry for putting it so casually.)
If you watch "The Great Mighty Poo" song from Conker's Bad Fur Day, you'l know what you'l need to do more or less. (Warning, "The Great Mighty Poo" song has swearing, also I'm basing it off the CBFD Live and Reloaded version.) Except with the lyrics from This Day Aria.
I'm going to make a reference version of the song with the choir instrument so you know the tune and timing the singing should be. Makes things easier considering that I don't know how to write music, let alone write it for voice, or, i dunno what I'm writing anymore.
Anyway. Basically, information about the song itself should be on the page I linked above.

Something to note, the quality of singing is probably more important than the quality of a Chrysalis impression. (Besides, her voice is warped everywhere, singing with that would sound weird if not downright awful.)
So yeah. High pitched female singer. Preferably with a microphone.
Sorry about the disjointed post, I'm posting this at 3 oclock in the morning before I sleep. I'll fix this up tomorrow.
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