Fish Go Remix album

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Fish Go Remix album

Postby Killnothing » 09 Dec 2014 23:57

Hey, do you want to join on the wet, splashy fun!?
If so, come on in, the water's great for this splash-tastic remix album!!!

*PROMO* ... emix-album *PROMO*

All you need to do is remix the original track of Fish Go!!:
Midi's will be provided!!!

This is all you need.
if it can be done before christmas that'd be cool, otherwise, the end/publish date is January 10th!!!
The album will be published on Bandcamp, and Soundcloud!

Any other questions, contact me at my skype: Killnothing66
====Your track/Remix title MUST be fish related some how!!!!====


(here is the cover i think )
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