Looking to be involved in a MLP music production

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Looking to be involved in a MLP music production

Postby AudioWaveDasher » 21 Sep 2014 15:42

Hey, Im a guitarist of 20 years with pro equipment. I also work with midi and guitar pro 6 for demos. Looking mainly for a vocalist (male or female) or singer, possibly a keyboardist, a rock/metal guitarist, or someone who works in drum midi (drummer). I can also read and write music and could be involved in other aspects as well such as techno, dubstep or dance in the electronic genre. If you're interested please hit me up and if you have samples or recordings please link. My guitar age can be found in the link or at:


I will be posting new videos and songs at my new youtube page under AudioWave Dasher

Thank you, nice to meet everyone
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