Twitter Account and Brief Downtime

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Twitter Account and Brief Downtime

Postby pocketjawa » 20 Apr 2016 09:11

Hello again everyone. The other weekend there was approximately 17 minutes of unplanned downtime. While it wasn't a very long window it did remind me that I was going to setup a Twitter account that people could follow and updates on any maintenance and downtime, planned or otherwise, could be posted as right now the only place to put those kind of things is here (and that doesn't work very well if the site can't be viewed).

Well, I'm excited to announce that we officially have Twitter as of last Wednesday! Most of what I'll post will be about any planned maintenance to the server that hosts MLR and if any unexpected downtime comes up (unfortunately impossible to avoid sometimes). Also for events on the forum (like news about community albums and such), feel free to DM the Twitter account if you want it to be Tweeted about or have a tweet retweeted!
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