Back at Me Lyrics

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Back at Me Lyrics

Postby JSynth » 22 Dec 2012 16:09

I just finished this a minute ago. I figured that I would share it. This is will probably be my final draft, unless something keeps bugging me.

Jasper Synth - Back at Me

Every morning
I wake up in bed
Brush my teeth
Feel the crack in my head
There’s something missing
I feel it inside
But there’s no one left to hide

Come on you’re Colgate
It’s just a phase

But when I look in the mirror,
There they stand
Somepony else who will not
Be all that grand
I look right back at them
And can’t help but think
Who’s that, staring back at me

Every evening
I look at the sky
I wonder what
Is the meaning of life
There’s something out there
What could it be
But there’s no way I can see

Come on you’re Colgate
It’s just a phase


What is this old thing?
Right on my floor
Sitting there broken
Don’t know what for
Just open me up
And you will soar
I can’t hold on much longer
I need much more

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