Pony Creepypasta - Pinkie Pie - RIDIUM

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Pony Creepypasta - Pinkie Pie - RIDIUM

Postby Nonsense_Profile » 08 Dec 2012 22:15

I actually had a few other idea's if anyone want's to hear em... cool bean's

RIDIUM - "The Monster" A Pinkie Pie Story


'He's going to come again tonight, I know he is...' she thought to herself as she glanced over, again, into the face of the unrealistically happy, cat-shaped 'Kitty Klock' placed on the small oak nightstand by her bed for what would have been, at least, the umpteenth time now. She was sure of it.

It read 3:26 a.m.

She sighed to herself, the sudden small movement from her chest causing a small group of pink curls to fall into her face. She let out a small, almost inaudible, giggle, and she pushed the band of pink rebel's back up into her mane. She straitened herself out under her cover's and stared up at the ceiling.

A few short moment's passed and she started to get antsy. Hesitantly, She craned her neck to to the left and looked up at the clock once more.

3:27 a.m.

She groaned in annoyance, but inside, a deep panic began to grow in her stomach at the realization.

She didn't make it to sleep on time.

3:30 exactly. It's always 3:30 exactly. She thought to herself. She tried a few vein attempt's to force herself to sleep but she knew it was no good.

She was up again, and he was coming.

She looked toward's her door, staying completely silent.

Thankfully, she heard nothing in the downstairs area of 'Suger Cube' corner.

Maybe he won't come tonight.. the optimistic side of her said. That would very much be a welcoming relief. Not to mention surprise.

But no.. The realist in her knew that that would be too good to be true.

She began a silent prayer to Celestia, begging for him not to come tonight, to just to leave her alone for once.

She said in the prayer that all she wanted was just a single night of peace so that she can finally get some much needed rest, I has been so long since she had a full night's sleep. She dreadfully looked over to the clock again.

3:29 a.m.

Tear's began to well up in her eye's, she knew the prayer was in vein. They always are.'He come's every night...' her subconscious began. 'Celestia didn't care about me when I asked her before, why would tonight be any different?' it saddened her to think like that, but she also knew it was true, she had prayed to Celestia before, on many other occasion's. Each time sharing the same result, Nothing.

A deep low thud resonated from the bakery area.

He was there now. She began to hyperventilate. Looking frantically around the room for.. anything.

Of course there wasn't.

Pinkie Pie was alone.

She was alone, and she knew no one was listening.

She turned to check the clock.

3:30 a.m.

As if on cue, she heard the sound that she was now so used too, the sound that, even after hearing it for so long, still hit's her heart with the most intense fear that she could possibly imagine, the first sound that killed silence and serenity night after horrible night.

She heard the hinges on her loft door creak.

She, as if instinctively, began to hold her breath. She felt her heartbeat grow in speed and volume, to a point where she could swear she knew that he it heard too. She let out a small forced breath as her wet eye's began to scan the wall leading up to the door, and watched as the large wooden door to her small, one-room apartment began to open, confirming to her his presence. She wanted to scream, whimper, call for help, anything.

Yet she remained completely silent.

She remained silent because she knew better than to make any sort of sound. For lack of knowing how he would react this time. She didn't want to make him angry again.

She heard the slow, lumbering movement's from her doorway.The Groan's that only a monster like him could make, and her nostril's began to pick up the awful, foul odor that came from him.

It smelled like.... old rotten meat, mixed with feces and alcohol.

It made her want to gag, but she still didn't move. Her eye's remained locked on the doorway, Her body still wrapped in the blanket's, and she still remained silent. Waiting for the inevitable.

Her breath made a quick hitch when she finally saw him.

Clyde Pie.

Her father.

He ungracefully staggered over to the foot of her bed, and stared at her. Face Lacking any sort of emotion what so ever. He started to sway slowly in place from his impaired balance. Then the side's of his mouth twisted up into a small, thin smile.

He knew she was awake. He always knew.

He climbed on to the foot of the bed and simply sat for a second.

Just like usual.

Everything in the room once again fell silent for a few minute's, other than the mixture of small, timid breathing and low, seemingly forced, phlegm filled, excuses for breath.

Then it was time to begin his nightly routine.

Then he began to talk.

In a low, growlish sounding whisper of a voice, he sat there on the edge of her bed and exclaimed all of his plan's for her. He began to talk about, in great detail, all of the "fun" they are going to have, all the "parties" they're going to throw together.

He told her about how he is going to break every single bone in her body so slowly, that by the time he would have even gotten to the joint's in her back hooves, the front hooves would have already started healing again, giving him the chance to repeat the whole agonizing process from the beginning.

He told her about how he was going to tie her down and chop off no more than an inch of her back leg's every two hour's. Meat, tendon's, bone's, marrow, all of it. Inch by inch, and then bragged about how much fun it would be force feeding them to her.

This happened night after night, he would come into her room and just torment her, for hour's on end. He would just sit at the edge of her bed and explain in so much horrid detail, All the fun thing's that was going to happen to her. Some night's he would even hit her...

And why? Simply because he knew that she wouldn't ever do anything about it.

What could she do? Tell an adult? She is an adult.

And beside's, it's not like she hasn't tried that before anyway.

She's told lot's of adult's, none of them believed her. She tried telling all of them what she goes through. How many time's he's beaten her. How many awful thing's he said he's going to do to her.

She even showed them the bruises.The scar's. Still, no one helped. No one ever help's.

Nopey-Dopey. They all just end up saying the same thing....

"...Pinkie Pie. How could your father have possibly done all those thing's? He's been dead for over fifteen year's..."
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Re: Pony Creepypasta - Pinkie Pie - RIDIUM

Postby itroitnyah » 09 Dec 2012 07:07

This was interesting, and had quite a twist to it at the end. T'was good.
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Re: Pony Creepypasta - Pinkie Pie - RIDIUM

Postby XXDarkShadow79XX » 09 Dec 2012 13:33

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Re: Pony Creepypasta - Pinkie Pie - RIDIUM

Postby Nonsense_Profile » 09 Dec 2012 15:00

XXDarkShadow79XX wrote:THEN WHO WAS FONE!?

Kay so ur with ur hony makin out in th car and her fone rings it her dad an he sez "stay way from daughter" ur tell ur sweety an she goes all like "my dads ded"!!!
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