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Postby bartekko » 15 Oct 2011 04:03

Interrobang Pie wrote:
bartekko wrote:bad rhyming skills

links to rhyme site[/url]

sorry, mister interrobang pie
but using these sites makes rhymes a big lie

and i know that some of these rhymes are bad <--- liek this one
but stop derailing with cheaters this thread

whatever are we gonna do next?
just keep rhyming, make this a man's fest
[00:27:11] <@z0r8> you are voiced, now shut up
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Postby SuperGiantRobot » 15 Oct 2011 18:08

Stop trying to show off, it's really quite sad
Just look to me; there's better rhymes to be had.
Your rhyming skills are poor, trite and amateur,
I can do better than you, of that you can be sure.
I can do this all day and all night if required,
If this were a job, you'd all find yourself fired.
"That robot's the best!" the public would cheer
"Who cares about you? Why are you still here?"
If this turns into a fight, nay into a duel
I'll rhyme your ass off, you stupid grey mule!
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Postby Marshmelon » 14 Oct 2012 22:58

Happy year-iversary to you, to you!
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Postby FlyingNinjaBannanas » 17 Oct 2012 17:55

Marshmelon wrote:Happy year-iversary to you, to you!


This rhyme is shit, but it proves my point.
You've broken the rules, now get out of this joint.
And follow the rules, or else a ban.
Is going to ruin your every single plan.
[Insert pointless filler here]
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Postby Nonsense_Profile » 14 Dec 2012 15:14

I got one.

"My Father" - 2012

Every night, I do so very dread,

When father sit's on the edge of my bed.

It's not how he whisper's or violently shake's.

It's not all the horrible threat's that he make's.

It's not the wrong angle's that he turn's his head.

It's that for seventeen year's...

My father's been dead.
"I skin small filly's and use the mangled flesh for my lampshades" - R.
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Postby indeable » 18 Dec 2012 20:08

well ill add on
and join the thread
i mean come on
with mods on i hope i dont end up dead
but i guess i worry to much
i use my emotions as a crutch
and such
i shall lyricly make a bunch of rhymes
stop worrying make a couple of lines
you know of poetry
lol joke its me
im a lyricist not a poet
and i cant resist a time to show it
sure im tired and a tad bit stressed
but lets face it that’s when rappers do their best

so makkons on wow now im honoured
it weren’t for your music while i work id be a goner
i mean i don’t usually listen to orchestrals
but nothing works better than you when im achieving goals
with songs like test pony and Deae Lunae
i cant help but be honoured when i saw you today

and you icky i love your old style remixes
your song are worthwhile to get my swing fixes
and your oc is adorable what else can i say
id give it a hug but ..wait whats it made of anyway?

wooden toaster *goes into brony fan craze*
i loved you since my very first brony days
i love rainbow factory beyond her garden
I BUCKIN LOVE YOUR STUFF!... ahem beg your pardon

i guess if im talking bout the site
*throws comment on dubstep and watches the fight*
what? were a forum of musicians
most of which argue over speaker precision
i mean im throwing blame and i do the same thing
but it can be amazing how many people cant sing

im getting tired of remixes to
the ones that the change is little and few
its ok if you make it to practice to learn
but i am more tired of albums than of howard stern

ok to people who come on as newbies
please dont look for collabs till you learn it well please
and damn do people here tend to slack off
there tends so many people it starts to sound like white noize *cough *cough*

now for a long part
where i start to rhyme
making double trouble with a spectacular post climb
and im making rows of text
making lyrics and deciding what’s next
well i say my words like a sig spraying
saying my rhymes on this forum all day an
having a place to call my own
with more bronys than bros of al capone
and im shown all great song and musicians
with all there awesome ambitions
and pros that show their work
a simple place to get music without dealing with many jerks
and lets not forget the quirks
from the mods to posters
and original artists like wooden toaster
i think of my self more of a lyricist
call me a rapper but i might have to just persist
i guess i confess to rapping
but ittle take a while before i tap out laughing
and who needs staffs and notes when you got class
speaking of which put this on a note you pass
you like love and toleration? hows that house of glass?
and its a maxim fyi
man complaining's taxing dont know why i try
well i guess it cant go out of style
as long as rarity fans exist thattle be here a while
i joke rarity fans are ok
i like twilight myself but that a opinion so hay
i don’t judge and i hope you don’t budge
on your stance keep your best pony yours
but please don’t use that to excuse starting best pony wars
hey our fandoms just a tad bit crazy
and have you seen the worlds reaction to us lately?
so there done with ranting allot
but hey it was fun worth a shot

joke im still going to rant more lines
and prob will just a few more times
i mean raps and lyrics aren’t that hard but if you feel barred
don’t lapse act like a phoenix rise from the charred just get up after getting marred
and people do i need to say it again
stop hating randomly choose not to hate make a friend
but i guess its to late cause its stated to be our trend
so at this point i guess were going to hell
hehe i got a summer home there it can be swell

i blew out some steam i guess i feel better
now i know how twilight feels on friendship letters
o yeah i timed my self it took 30 minutes
so i guess i know my writing time limits
i guess my minds stable or more than when i had begun.
indeable out see you later everyone.
email: [email protected]
im a lyricist that’s all i really do. Hit me up i might write for you.
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Postby vladnuke » 03 Jan 2013 07:02

The wretched thread here
Of conversations long ago
Brought back to life now
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Postby topitmunkeydog » 03 Jan 2013 20:24

I wrote this poem a few years ago for my school's literary magazine, then I realized it fit perfectly with the irish folk song "The Mountains of Mourne." (Carrigdhoun) I plan on recording the song sometime.
Science Lesson

It came out of the sky
Like a bowl full of pie,
Swirling in all directions.

To us it announced,
“You shall now be trounced.”
At this we replied, “Objection!”

We took out our guns,
And fired at once.
The aliens saw no connection.

They ignored our yells,
And dodged our shells,
And finally said with inflection:

“We’re tired of this game,
It’s always the same.
Now, prepare for dissection.”

As we gave up our fight,
They responded with spite.
“We’re sorry. It’s Natural Selection.”

Also, some pony poetry.
If I was a Pony
If I was a pony,
I'd be a very pretty pony.
With a silky mane and a bushy tail
And a horn that's very bony.

I'd romp amongst the butterflies,
And ingest cupcake batter.
Then I'd conjure up a potion,
And create some dark matter

If I was a Pegasus,
I'm sure I'd have lots of fun.
Flying amongst the birds and clouds,
But the madness has just begun!

The wrap-up of the winter,
The running of the leaves.
Being an Earth pony,
Sure wouldn't be grieved.

If I was a pony,
I'd be 20% cooler.
But unfortunately I'm not a pony,
So I guess I'm just a loser.

If I was a pony,
Fiddle dum fiddle dee dee
I'd be a very pretty pony
And a pony is the best thing to be.

I am not a pony.
It's really quite tragic.
But at least I have friendship,
And friendship is magic.
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Postby Interrobang Pie » 05 Jan 2013 17:03

thanks for the completely unnecessary bumping

this thread served as a reminder of better times and now you've ruined it with your shitty poems

fuck you
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