MLP/TF2 crossover lyrics

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MLP/TF2 crossover lyrics

Postby Pickslide1992 » 20 Aug 2011 15:35

I was playing around with some TF2 buddies and wrote a couple of pony song parodies about TF2.

Art of the Spy

Mask by mask, blending with the others
Medic time, Let's just say the doctor is in
Making sure I do not get found out
Gotta knife those Scouts to get the win
Gotta know what sneaking's all about
It's time for some primitive surgery
Disguised as a Medic

Man by man, handing out some tough love
Slit neck lines, don't you know uneven cuts are fine
A mask and an axe both are in my sights
I'll make sure those Reds have some sleepless nights
Oh my God, now they have a Pyro
No! they found out I'm one of their foes
The Pyro is a Spy

Sapping is easy, those Engineers have no clue
I know it's quite sleazy
Do you Blus think this Ambassador looks cheesy?

Something tough, maybe something Heavy
Sandvich guy, I will make sure this lug dies
This Russian is quite loud about Spies
But I bet half of the claims are lies
Though this man's slow: both body and mind
I will think that you may find
That dummy Heavy's next

Guy by guy, knife by knife
They say Spies have no life
When I'm cloaked it's hard to die
Normal rules, I will defy
It's the art of the spy!
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