Fixing speakers

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Fixing speakers

Postby FLAOFEI » 02 Apr 2013 06:32

How do I fix speakers
The sub on my right speaker just started distorting today
Funny thing is it actually triggered an emotional response. Not just "oh fuck, I'm gonna have to get that fixed", more like " :cry: My baby, how are you. :cry: Don't worry, daddy's gonna make it all ok..." :oops: :?

I suspect the voice coil is scraping the magnet. It happened the first time I refoamed a pair of speakers, one of the speakers and it couldn't play any bass without sounding like an industrial size hammer drill. (I haven't dared try to refoam anything since)
The difference now is that 1. the damage is either from the speakers standing at a wierd angle (it could be a wire or something tapping against the cone, hope and pray) or it's from being too brutal on the bass 2. I can't feel any scraping when I push on the cone (it was fairly easy to feel on the other ones) which would explain why it's not as loud distortion 3. I love these speakers :cry: the other ones where just a fun project.

So... As of now, I'm not sure what the problem is, and no idea how to fix it.

I wanna know my options here. Do I try to open it up and fix it myself (if so I'd apprechiata a tutorial) or do I go straight to a pro and pay up?
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Re: Fixing speakers

Postby itroitnyah » 02 Apr 2013 14:09

Buy a new set?
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Re: Fixing speakers

Postby Stars In Autumn » 02 Apr 2013 19:08

I actually don't know of anyone on the forum who can help you. I'd seek a pro, or visit a home theatre forum. They will probably have more knowledgeable people there.
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Re: Fixing speakers

Postby the4thImpulse » 02 Apr 2013 19:55

FLAOFEI wrote:I wanna know my options here. Do I try to open it up and fix it myself (if so I'd apprechiata a tutorial) or do I go straight to a pro and pay up?

I know a little about speakers but not enough to really help in a constructive way. You should take it to someone who can tell you what the problem is, you seem unsure as to what it is and I can't really help you if I don't know what going on.

Speaker distortion happens when the speaker is driven too hard, its caused by the speaker moving too far and hitting the frame/chassis repeatedly. This can cause permanent damage.

It sounds like the voice coil is out of alignment which may not be noticeable at certain volume levels. It can be as easy to fix as pulling the coil out a bit and letting it fall back in proper place or spinning the driver 180 degrees to let gravity 'do its work'.

Refoaming speakers, as in replacing the foam circle that connects the cone to the chassis, should not cause this. That's pretty simple stuff. Replacing the cone might have caused it (if that's what you meant), but also storing them off balance, getting them too hot, environmental conditions all can warp the coil.

Like stars said you should ask this on a 'real' audio forum, somewhere with a strong DIY community. Or since they are your favorite speakers taking them to a professional and asking for a quote wouldn't hurt.
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Re: Fixing speakers

Postby JayB » 02 Apr 2013 23:27

The speakers I use for monitors are 25 years old and needed to be refoamed when I got them. Centering the membrane on the magnet was one of the most important things to do while the glue was still liquid. I'm afraid to fix that scratching problem you need to refoam yours as well.
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