What is this Sound? (Noob Alert)

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What is this Sound? (Noob Alert)

Postby KaiZer » 16 Mar 2013 14:40

(Odyssey's Bab's Seed Remix)

It starts halfway during the 0:28 mark and ends at the beginning of 0:29. It sounds like someone opening a can of pop with a ton of reverb.

Could someone please tell me what this sound is called (I'm sure it isn't exclusive to just this song) or even better, direct me to a sample link, or even betterer, tell me how to make it from scratch?

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Re: What is this Sound? (Noob Alert)

Postby Forza SoundFire » 16 Mar 2013 15:59

Just a lot of noise, filters and reverb.

Or record opening a can of pop... add reverb...

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Re: What is this Sound? (Noob Alert)

Postby itroitnyah » 16 Mar 2013 16:06

Oh, I think I know. Like, I think it might be a dropkick with a HP filter about ~600Hz or a bit higher and a ton of reverb.
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Re: What is this Sound? (Noob Alert)

Postby Orange » 16 Mar 2013 16:20

snare with reverb
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